What is online casino game RTP?

An important term to remember while in Casinos is the Return to Player (RTP). Players use this to see the amount of wagered money they earn over time. This gives the amount of slot machine winnings in a way that they understand. While in a Casino there is estimation of winnings that players can have. By using this on the slots they’re playing they can play with some positive edge on it. For example if you make $1 bets on a slot machine to a total wager amount of $100 and the RTP is 90%, you could expect $90.00 in wins. The house advantage is the other ten percent won by them during play.

Real casino slot machines often have a much lower RTP than online casino games

RTP helps guide your expectations

Playing this way is good as you have some understanding of the outcome in a casino. Your time is important to get the maximum amount of coins on the slots you play. The RTP is just a good way of seeing the potential rate of the money you can expect to win on average. This kind of percentage is not kept low by players, or the dealers who deal the games. It is actually very common to know it, and most players are aware of this. Most online casino games publish the RTP within the game information section. If you are familiar with casino games you’ll know that the House Edge is at the opposite end of the RTP.

When the house edge is at 5% then your RTP is going to be 95%. This points to the fact that the higher the RTP, the more your payouts are going to be and the lower the house edge will be.

Win frequency

A slot with higher frequency returns more but in lesser amounts. Slots with a lower frequency may payout larger sums on occasion. This rule works with on an online casino as well, giving you a percentage on the bets made. This is true when you play online on Hot Ink, Immortal Romance, and Thunderstruck. Understanding the RTP will help you know the risks as you play online. When playing table games the amount bet in not a part of the return. Only the whole amount won at the game. When playing slots and video poker the amount bet is forfeited at first. Then the amount won is based only on what was the on the table. Since the RTP is the flip side of the house edge, when they are at 100% you also will be at zero.

Check RTP before you play a game

As you play an online casino you realize that the RTP is giving you options. The RTP is viewable in all slot games, so you’ll know which games have a better chance of paying out. It is also usually much higher on online games than in offline slots. You have the amount that is bet by players, and the amount that’s returned to players. This is the sum of each bet per round, per player of a certain time frame. This is usually around one month for most of the measurements. Then you have the amount that is returned to player, the net sum that is won by a player in a round of play. Using this to help you can get you going on a machine you know is winning. Then you’re using a calculation at the start instead of doing it the harder way.

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